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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, though most people just think of me as a counselor or therapist. I'm located 30 minutes south of Pittsburgh, PA in Washington County, and work with adult clients on most issues, including these: 


Elizabeth Babcock, LCSW
Elizabeth Babcock, LCSW, MSW, BCD
I have been in practice since 1989, and serving the McMurray/Peters Township area since 1995. In addition to my therapy practice, I am dedicated to community wellness and education. Toward this end, I have published numerous articles and informational brochures on a variety of health and life management topics, which are available for you on the Articles Page of this site.  
I am on a personal mission to increase public understanding of compulsive overeating, along with increasing the availability of effective treatment for it. I have presented numerous community workshops on the topic of overeating; in these workshops, we explore why overeating is so prevalent and what it takes to overcome it. The most recent locations for these workshops have included Christ United Methodist Church in Bethel Park, as well as The Washington Hospital and Canonsburg General Hospital in Washington County. I have also conducted training sessions for local healthcare professionals at Gateway Rehabilitation Center, the Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute, and Mercy Behavioral Health
Regardless of the issue you wish to work on in therapy, my services to you will be based on the following framework:  
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