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Why We Overeat and How to Stop was written for the purpose of helping those who overeat (which includes most people) to understand why control with food is so hard and to explore a different, more effective way of dealing with it. This neuroscience-based approach creates lasting results that lead to greater personal peace, better health, and more overall satisfaction in life.

I have studied the issue of overeating since 2001 and since 2004, I have worked with nearly 1000 clients who have sought counseling/therapy to address it. I bring much personal experience to the topic since I used to be just as lost as anyone when it came to overeating. Having lived with it myself for decades and then focusing on it in my profession ever since finding my own freedom from it in 2001, I know this topic literally inside and out.

Why We Overeat and How to Stop is my best effort to share all I’ve learned. It includes a clear explanation of why we do what we do, and an honest look at the typical pitfalls, obstacles, and frustrations that most people encounter along the path toward change. Finally, it presents lots of detailed information about how to not only get better results, but to be happier in the process.

If you choose to read the book, I hope you will consider posting a review on Amazon, where nearly 100,000 other books are listed in this category. Without input from those who have read it, this book risks becoming lost in the shuffle. Mentioning it on Facebook and other social media sites, should you feel comfortable doing so, is an additional way to increase the chances that those who need it can find it. If you believe the book is worth a look, adding your voice to the cause will make an important difference. 

In an effort to expand the reach and benefits of this material, I have established a Facebook discussion page where readers of the book can go to share information, ask questions, get support, and just generally spend time among others with similar concerns and goals. The page can be accessed here, and is also referenced in the book itself. It is a closed group, which means that the page and member list are visible to all of Facebook, but posts are visible only to members, all of whom will be authenticated prior to admission. My goal is to provide not only the basic information contained in the book, but an ongoing support system for those who desire it. You are welcome to join the group page at any time; the more of us there are working together to learn, the stronger we'll all become. 


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