Over the years, I have been invited and/or inspired to write on a number of topics. I have also developed a number of educational handouts for use in my work with clients. All of these materials are included here in the hope that they may be helpful.  More will be added on a continuing basis, so please be sure to check back from time to time for new information.  You can access each article by clicking on either its title below, or the buttons to the left which contain key words from each title. 

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Most recent additions:
The True Power of Setting the Right Goals
Dealing with Unwanted Feelings and Bad Days
Taking Care of Yourself When You Least Feel Like It

Food and Eating Issues  

Are You a Compulsive Eater?  Test Yourself and See...

   Basic Strategies for Managing the Urge to Eat

   Compulsive Eating and How I Treat It

   Compulsive Eating: Serious Health Issues
   Could Your Self-Esteem be Undermining Your Wellness Efforts?
   Emotional Eating: The Battle Within   
   Essential Truths about Your Body
   Fat: Important New Findings
   Gaining Weight While Losing Meaning Over the Holidays

Grocery Shopping 101  

   Loving Each Other to Death with Food

   Managing Holiday Food 

   Overeating: The New American Pastime
   Raising Kids to be Emotionally Balanced with Food 

   Risk Management: The Overlooked Key to Finding Peace with Food

   Ten Tips for Managing Food during Special Occasions

   The True Power of Setting the Right Goals

   What Are Complex Carbohydrates and Why Should You Care? 

   Why You Love Exercise, but Don't Know It 

Why You're Not Exercising, and How to Change
   Your Weight May Not be the Problem

Life Management  

General Interest Topics

   Dealing with Unwanted Feeling and Bad Days: Book Excerpt
   Financial Management Basics 

Grief: What All Mourners Need to Know

   How to Talk to a Loved One Who Needs Help

   Rebuilding Your Strength After a Setback: The 95% Rule

   Self-Help for Intense Anxiety

   Sleep Well -- Self-Help for Insomnia

   Taking Care of Yourself When You Least Feel Like It: Book Excerpt

   When is It Time to Consider Psychotherapy?


Depression Series

   Depression, Part One: Depression -- Myths and Facts

   Depression, Part Two: Who Gets Depressed, and Why? 

Depression, Part Three: What to Do about Depression 

Depression, Part Four: When Someone You Love is Depressed  

   Taking Care of Yourself When You Least Feel Like It: Book Excerpt


Stress Management Series

   Stress Management, Part One: Introduction

   Stress Management, Part Two: Creating Better Connections With Your Loved Ones

   Stress Management, Part Three:  It's All In Your Head


Time Management Series

   Part One: But I Don't Have Time for Time Management!

   Part Two: How to Accomplish More

   Part Three: How to Live More 

Finding Time Where There Is None


   A Healthy Relationship Begins With a Healthy You

   How to Tell When Your Relationship is Out of Balance 

   How to Turn Arguments into Healthy Discussions

   Save Your Marriage and Keep It Strong

Women in Search of Self   

   Essential Truths about Your Body

   Self-Esteem, Part One: What Self-Esteem Means and Why Yours Matters

   Self-Esteem, Part Two: Challenges to Self-Esteem as You Grow Through Life

   Self-Esteem, Part Three: Common Signs of Low Self-Esteem

   Self-Esteem, Part Four: Building Stronger Self-Esteem


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