Counseling for Codependency

Do you seem to end up in many one-sided relationships? Do you tend to the needs of others while neglecting your own? Do you feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore? Codependency may be the issue.

Codependency is rampant in our society. It is a relational style encouraged in families where children are forced to see to the needs of the parents, as when a parent is alcoholic, mentally ill, has a serious disease, or otherwise requires the child to take on an inappropriate amount of emotional responsibility. Such children grow into adults who can't stop caretaking and carefully monitoring the moods of their loved ones. This leads to overdoing for others, over-reacting to others, and feeling like your own life is always out of control due to the problems of others. 
To be codependent is to be in relationships that are out of balance. This keeps you as an individual out of balance, creating an endless cycle of pain, frustration, and emotional exhaustion. Breaking the cycle can feel scary, but truly satisfying relationships -- with others and with yourself -- are the payoff.
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