Counseling for Self-Defeating Behaviors

If you’re like most people, you get in your own way somehow. There is a way you think or a behavior you keep repeating which keeps your life in turmoil when it could be peaceful, and keeps you from becoming the more whole and centered person that you could be.

Self-defeating patterns come in many forms. Some of the more common ones include overeating, smoking, overspending, overworking, worrying, being controlling with others, being passive with others, procrastination, and avoiding challenges. There are many other possibilities, as you can probably imagine – we are remarkably skilled at sabotaging our own lives but fortunately, we can learn to turn our talents to better use.
If you keep repeating a pattern that diminishes your life despite the fact that you know better and you just can’t understand why you keep doing this, I can help you solve the mystery. Further, I can help you create in its place patterns that will give you peace, mastery and greater fulfillment. It takes some work, but it will be less complicated than you would ever have guessed. 


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