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Healthcare providers in all settings encounter clients/patients with overeating issues.  Few providers are equipped to deal with this beyond the standard mantra of “eat less, eat better, and move more.”  Most people already know this, so this approach is clearly insufficient for long-term change.  The fact is that few overeaters ever achieve lasting, stable management of their weight and health.  You can dramatically increase the odds of your clients being among them if your treatment includes teaching your clients how to effectively identify, manage, and reduce the internal drivers of overeating. 

I can provide clinical supervision (via phone, e-mail, or face-to-face meetings) with any healthcare providers who want specialized consultation for their work with clients who overeat.  Please contact me if you are interested in exploring whether this service may be of value in your work.



I have conducted training sessions on the treatment of compulsive overeating at Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Mercy Behavioral Health, and the Mid-Atlantic Addiction Training Institute. These trainings have been received with great enthusiasm by doctors, nurses, nutritionists, psychotherapists, physician's assistants, and nurse practitioners (participant feedback is available upon request). 

Training can be conducted in one full-day or two half-day sessions, and will get all participating staff members rapidly up to speed and on the same page. Those who have experienced the training together are then able to brainstorm with each other as they begin to incorporate the training in their work with clients. Periodic group supervision sessions can be very helpful in the first few months after training as attendees become acquainted with what this treatment most often entails, and the clinical challenges most often faced. Any supervision desired thereafter can be conducted individually and/or in group sessions. 
Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss how this training may fit with the service population and treatment modalities of your facility. It will likely take only one phone conversation to determine whether this training could be beneficial for your staff.


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