Fees and Insurance Information

I am a contracted provider for the following managed care and insurance companies:  
Out-of-Network Coverage is often available for reimbursement of my fees, even if I am not a network provider for your insurance.  Your out-of-network benefits will generally result in a lower rate of reimbursement and may involve a deductible, but can still significantly reduce your expenses.  If your insurance company tells you that I am not a network provider (double-check with me to be sure), always ask about the availability of out-of-network coverage.
Insurance Plans I Do Not Work With include:
Self-Pay Clients have the option of tailoring their services in whatever way they wish, but the fees incurred by most people involve these basics, with all fees being payable at the time of service (cash or check only):
  • $115 for initial evaluation.
  • $110 per 45-minute session thereafter, regardless of number attending. 
  • Phone counseling outside of regular sessions is at the normal session rate.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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